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From creation to execution, I am a visionary and my ultimate goal is to inspire you and offer you the very best in your travel or event experiences.


My Go-To

Although, wine is my go-to, I am a steadfast believer that Champagne goes with Everything And for me, communication is key and success is built on listening.


My problem-solving skills and creative imagination vibes well with my unmatched attention to the details.

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We provide concierge-style, signature group travel and bespoke celebratory events, planning services. Our team is made up of cutting-edge planners and designers, our style is upscale and trendy and we produce extraordinary and captivating experiences around the world. Best of all, we believe in a fun and welcoming approach, and yet, we are confident in our ability to always provide you a professional and attentive setting that will put you at ease.
We know that travel and event planning can be complex and overwhelming, but we also know that you are looking for rich and rewarding experiences.
Contact Nita at details@nitacintron.com or call 619.693.6737

It's in the Details

Nita Cintron, Owner